Professional Headshots for Dating Sites? Perfect!

I recently took a call from a woman interested in professional dating profile headshots.

It made me stop and think. So now I am going to write about it! Professional headshots on dating sites are probably the #1 way to attract more quality dates! So I did a little research for those of you looking for your next perfect match. Excellent quality photos will lead to more potential dates. Here is a study done by E Harmony on the subject.

Sure selfie’s are the norm, but if you are really want to stand out and deliver the best impression, we can help! Think about it, your profile says you are a high level employee in your company, you have your act together, you enjoy X,Y, and Z activities. But your images don’t reflect any of what you say! The images are probably shot on a cell phone, reflecting off a mirror (which is opposite of how you actually look) but what you are perceived as.

Go to a mirror now and hold up a book or magazine and take a selfie with it in your picture. Notice something? You are backwards just like the book title. That is really not the way you look to others. So we created some advisory points and suggestions to up your dating game.

Our best advice? Get current!

Here is is our bucket list for you.

  • Current Headshot (solo)
    • We specialize in these and we know the two keys of attraction an image can deliver.
    • It is very different for men vs. women in what works.
  • Current full length shot (solo)
    • Demystifies the “big question” “What is hiding below the neckline?”
  • Images of you in a social setting (conveys that you are social/popular)
  • Images of you pursuing a defined interest. (biking for instance if that was mentioned in your profile)- also builds trust in what you say.
  • Most importantly be yourself.
    • Stats point to the fact that dating profiles tend to “bend the truth” or omit vital information. Leave that possibility behind you!

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We are going to run a special “March Madness” promotion specifically for dating profiles!

Stay tuned in here in the next week or follow us on Instagram for the promotion update! 

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Professional Dating Profile Images
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Professional Dating Profile Images
In this article we cover the basics of why its so important to keep your dating profile images current and professional. We specialize in headshots and we are current and up to date with the trends in the dating world.
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